• Handbook of Colorectal Surgery Beck

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    Beck, S., Borie, M., Chilvers, J., Esguerra, A., Heubach, K., Hulme, M., Lidskog, R., ... Bell, Diana (1999) The European wild rabbit. In: UFAW Handbook on the care and management ... A MODEL OF COLORECTAL CANCER. Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.. Matthee, CA, ... implications for cataract ... ·

    Handbook of Colorectal Surgery Beck

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    Colorectal cancer (CRC), also known as bowel cancer and colon cancer, is the development of cancer from the colon or rectum (parts of the large intestine). A cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body.

    Handbook of Colorectal Surgery Beck

    The ASCRS Manual of Colon and Rectal Surgery - amazon.com
    The ASCRS Manual of Colon and Rectal Surgery, Second Edition is designed to provide a rapid access pocket reference for residents, fellows, private clinicians, and allied health professionals caring for patients with colorectal surgical diseases.
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    Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are vascular structures in the anal canal. In their normal state, they are cushions that help with stool control. They become a disease when swollen or inflamed; the unqualified term "hemorrhoid" is often used to refer to the disease.

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    Hemoroizii sunt diagnosticați de obicei prin consult fizic. O examinare vizuală a anusului și a zonei înconjurătoare poate diagnostica hemoroizii externi sau prolabați.
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  • Handbook of Colorectal Surgery Beck